Jenny Donner

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A Mystic With a Purpose &
a Present Goal

Welcome to my page.


I am a joyful mystic, devoted healer and spiritual teacher. I am happy to share in presence where the call is strong to join in awakening and healing. I follow the Inner Guide and share, express and live from the highest Consciousness of Christ. This is an ultimate truth but rarely experienced or remembered in this world. Awakening comes from within; being a remembrance. It is Happening...


At the moment I offer counselling sessions online via Zoom. Check out the Contact page if you'd like to sign up for a session. 


I am honored that you have come across my site, and very grateful to make contact with you.

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Love is always here to surrender to, in the depth of the present moment


Boundless and pure, it extends forever


It is all that has been forgotten in the slumber and dream of forgetfulness of this world

It leads so gently

Love is Here

Love is like an open hand
where the bird feels free
to land.

Jenny Donner
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©2019 Jenny Donner 

Listen to "Cork Saturday gathering Oct 26 2019" on Spreaker.