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Ongoing Zoom Meetings 

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After many years in the only A Course in Miracles Monastery in the world and in the presence of a living demonstration of the light that is beyond this world, I've stepped out to live the Same; in certainty and trust in the Holy Spirit for everything. I'm on the road, completely available to go wherever I'm guided to go and with whomever is called to spend some time with me. 


People have said it's healing and brings clarity and calm to be in my presence. I'm available for Spirit to Flow through. Of myself I can do nothing. This is a feeling of being so free. It is a way of being truly helpful. I am not affiliated with any path, group, or religion and I love the Heart of Spiritual Awakening; the Sincere willingness to Know One Self.


Use my contact information on this site if you feel inspired to invite me to your home or group.


Blessings of light. 


August 6-11 or 6-15, 2020
Retreat in Ireland

Note: if there are still travel- and gathering restrictions at the time for this retreat, we'll make this an Online Experience!

Shorter option: August 6-11

Longer option: August 6-15

Be ready to Shine...

What would it be like to let all shadows fall away; to allow yourself to be Joyful and remain so all the time? Allow yourself to be lead to a deeper place. Join in and let this retreat be your very doorway to the true Self you know is there within.  

Jenny Donner
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